Coach Todd Wade

Coach Todd WadeCoach Todd grew up playing basketball, a game he believes can have an amazingly positive impact on a player’s life as it has his own.  He played point guard for Grimsley High School, a large high school in Greensboro, NC, and believes the game offers player’s an opportunity to develop the mindset and skills needed for success in the broader game of life (work ethic, teamwork, fighting through failure, trusting others, etc…).  He has enjoyed coaching young players for the past six years emphasizing fundamentals of the game and playing hard all the time.  His overarching goal for players is that they learn to play to their potential by not worrying about making mistakes but instead by trying to make plays.

Coach Todd is a CPA who works as a financial analyst in Raleigh.  He is also a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill who lives in Cary with his wife and son.  He still enjoys playing the game and truly does bleed Carolina blue!

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