About Us

Playin’ It Forward Sports, Inc. (PIFS) is a non-profit, 501c3 organization founded by a group of individuals who had a dream of creating a new model for competitive youth sports. A model that focuses on the whole child and not just the child as an athlete. A model that uses sport participation for skill development as well as developing leadership, character, and the value of “Playing It Forward” by reaching out and helping others.

PIFS provides opportunities to participate in club basketball activities through the Triangle Blazers Basketball Club. The club is based in Cary, North Carolina.


  • Michael Dixon, Chief Executive Officer
  • Jonathan Pletzke, Chief Information Officer
  • Jason Beale, Officer

Mission and Core Values

The mission of the Triangle Blazers Basketball Club is to use basketball to teach life skills and help young men entrusted in our care to become the best they decide they want to be on and off the court by focusing on three core values:

  • Playing Hard
  • Playing Smart
  • Playing Together

and the Blazer ABCs of

  • Accountability
  • Bravery
  • Caring

To contact the club, please email coachmichael@playinitforward.com