Triangle Blazers Class of 2025 Building Team Chemistry Off the Court

Most Coaches will tell you how important team chemistry is to having a successful season.  According to Coach Michael, president of the Triangle Blazers Basketball club “Team chemistry does not just happen.  You have to proactively look for opportunities for it to organically grow”.  Prospects for the Blazers new Class of 2025 had such an opportunity when the team attended the UNC vs Tulane game.

Coach Michael with some prospects for the Blazers Class of 2025 before UNC vs Tulane game.

2025 Blazers prospects had the opportunity to see UNC’s pre-game huddle from the tunnel.













“Team chemistry is not only important for players, it is important for our families too” said Coach Michael.  “We want parents, siblings, grandparents and other relatives of our players to all be part of our Blazers Basketball Family” he added.  The Blazers hold events at the end of the season to bring the everyone together one last time such as the family vs players game and the alumni game.

Parents from the Class of 2017 reuniting at 2017 Alumni game.

High school and alumni often bring girlfriends to Alumni game.

Class of 2017 Brain Dulaney jumping against his mom to start the 2015 Family vs Players game.












There is still time for young men in grades 5, 9, and 10 to explore joining the Blazers for the 2018 season.  Contact Coach Michael at

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