Our First Tournament was a Splash

By: Joseph Gelm


Being together as a team is the best part of the Blazers family. We all stick together like brothers on and off the court. During our first tournament we were able to really bond together and have a great time going out to eat, playing in the pool, and of course discussing basketball.
After a long Saturday of tournament games, the class of 2021 and 2020 (my team) stopped at Moe’s for a bite to eat. It was a great to be with the younger team, almost like seeing relatives on a vacation, because our schedules usually overlap. We all talked for almost two hours, just ongoing conversations about basketball, school, food, and everything in between. The fun had only begun as we left the restaurant and headed back to our hotels.
Down the street at the hotel, both teams raced to the rooms to unpack and change into their swimming gear. For some of us who forgot swim suits, this was just compression shorts for later ball games. After we prepped for the pool, we crammed into an elevator and sped to the indoor pool. For almost an hour we had an informal pool party, but don’t forget the best part, the hot tub! Fighting for a spot in the jam packed Jacuzzi was worth it.IMG_4289


Having jets of hot water surrounding our bodies after a long day of basketball felt soothing. Doing it with the Blazers family and having a wonderful time at the pool made it special, too.

Then it was off to bed to get rested for another Sunday morning game. Hanging around with the team brings good vibes to everyone. It builds trust, respect, character, leadership, and a strong friendship in all of us. We were not disappointed when the fun was over, because we knew we had more buckets to drop, and many tournaments full of new adventures to come. We all take pride in being a Triangle Blazer.