Triangle Blazers Playing It Forward By Supporting @LetHelpFly

Corey Miller

My name is Corey Miller, and I am a 7th grader on the Triangle Blazers basketball team.  On March 7, 2020, my teammates and I went to St. Andrews to help with the Brown Bag Ministry.  The Brown Bag Ministry is an organization that has 5 sites and packs over 12,000 lunches a month for the homeless and poor in the Triangle area.

This is an organization that my family and I have been volunteering with on various Saturdays for many years.  I remember going to Brown Bag when I was younger and making sandwiches.  I felt happy to help those people who needed food.  On Saturday, our Blazers team was in charge of getting sandwiches, crunchy foods, and desserts to pack.  We created over 100 bagged lunches for people in downtown Durham.

While we were at Brown Bag, the volunteer coordinator mentioned that you can go to to donate money for a brisket dinner as a special hot meal for those in need around Easter time.  I invited my Blazers Basketball team to join me in supporting Brown Bag, so that they could give back to our community.  Our basketball family is very blessed to not be going through the same things as some of the people that we helped feed and hopefully we can continue to give back to our community in the future.

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