Triangle Blazers Wear Pink To Support Breast Cancer Awareness

I am Asher Yetter a 7th grader on the Triangle Blazers. As many of you know it is breast cancer awareness month so we decided that we would wear pink shoe laces and Coach Michael would be wearing a pink shirt instead of blue in honor of everyone that has had breast cancer. I know that not everyone on my team knows someone that has breast cancer but my great grandma had it before I was born and a very close neighbor had it when I was ten.

Everyone who is going through this experience is more mentally tough than I am. Currently I am extremely blessed that no one in my family is going through this.

On the Triangle Blazers everyone is family so if anyone in the basketball family gets cancer they know that they won’t be going through it alone and they will have an immense amount of help and love constantly surrounding them. In the end the Triangle Blazers will always give love and support to anyone who has breast cancer.

Asher and Coach Michael strategizing

#23 Dawson’s parents Deanne & David

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