My Blazers Experience At Sunrise Assisted Living

David Lozada 7th grader at Apex Friendship Middle School



My name is David Lozada. My teammates and I had an amazing experience at Sunrise Assisted Living. The residents of Sunrise were so welcoming the second we walked through the door. They were all asking questions like how old are you and where do you go to school. They were very polite and repeatedly thanked us for coming. We all got to listen to the residents tell us stories about their lives and experiences. It was cool to see how interesting all of their lives were. I was pretty nervous at the beginning, but I gradually felt welcome.

At the Sunrise home we got to listen to Carter and his dad play piano for the all of us and it was great! We also got to learn and play some new games with the residents.  One of these games was hitting a balloon with pool noodles. Yeah it may sound strange, but we learned it was a good way for the residents to exercise. It also took a lot of teamwork, so we got to work with the residents. Playing this game was so much fun. Overall this was an amazing experience, thanks Sunrise.

Blazers at Sunrise

Blazer families at dinner while team visited Sunrise.

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