Spring Of 2019 Season Is Underway For Triangle Blazers

The season officially began on March 11 with the first practice for the Class of 2026.  Both Blazer teams the Class of 2026 (current 5th graders) and the Class of 2025 (current 6th graders) had a team meeting hosted by a player (with an assist from parents) before their first practice.  “One of the club’s core values is playing together.  The club is always looking for opportunities to bring the players together off the court” said Mitzi Janas mother of Nico #24 on the Class of 2026.  She added “we were happy to host the team meeting”. At the meeting, players participated in a version of the popular game on Instagram “Ask Me Anything” to get to know each other better.  They also watched and then discussed a Ted Talk about Kobe Bryant’s work ethic and focus on the fundamentals.  And of course they played basketball.  Lots and lots of basketball.

Class of 2025 at team meeting.









Class of 2026 at practice.



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