Hurricane Florence Hits Our Home

By: Trey Ramsey, Triangle Blazers Class of 2025

Everyone on my Triangle Blazers basketball team loves basketball. We love to play it, love to watch it, and love to talk about our favorite teams and players.  That’s why we joined the Blazers and why we practice and constantly work to improve our game.  On any given day most of us can be found with a basketball nearby.  But what happens when instead of playing basketball, you find out your house or your friend’s house is under water?  What happens when your day is spent wondering where you will sleep that night or if everything you own might be lost?

This is what happened to a number of kids my age and their family and friends when Hurricane Florence hit Eastern North Carolina.  While things didn’t get that bad in the Triangle area, most of the eastern part of the state was affected by the storm and the massive amount of flooding afterwards. My teammates and I were all sad to see the destruction caused by the hurricane and wanted to take action to do something to help.

As a Blazer, part of our team’s focus is to reach out in our community and “Play It Forward” so we got together to discuss about what we could do. To help out, each of the team members donated their own money as well as reached out to others to support us in our efforts to aid the affected. We decided to donate this money to the Red Cross because we wanted to help support those affected by the hurricane.  Together we were able to raise $200 for the Hurricane Florence Relief Fund to be used in the recovery efforts for the victims of the storm and flooding.

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