Triangle Blazers Basketball Club at NC State vs Boston College 2014

To kick off the 2014 Triangle Blazers Basketball Club season, a number of players and families attended the NC State vs. Boston College basketball game – the last of the regular ACC season. Early before the doors opened, the players, parents, and other guests gathered outside the RBC center in the sun on a beautiful day. When heading inside past the gate, everyone was greeted by some cheerleaders who were handing out NC State Wolfpack bags to attendees. Then the boys had a chance to have their picture taken on the floor in two groups. Then we all watched the action as a close game was played, with the home team coming out on top and TJ Warren scoring an all-time high points. TJ Warren went on to become the ACC player of the year, which the boys were predicting would happen as they were talking towards the end of the game. It was a great way to welcome some of the new players into the club and eat some questionably nutritious fan food.

Players from the class of 2015 and 2016 came in tired from playing in a tournament all weekend. The coaches were pleased with the players performance at the tournament and that hey were able to play teams that they’d never played against before.

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