Members of the Class of 2017 Visit Davidson College

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Coach Michael and five members of the Class of 2017 visited Davidson on December 7, 2013. Team members making the trip included Brian Dulaney, Cary High School; Will Hollingsworth, Durham Academy; Nolan Lory, Grace Christian; Joe Niemchak, Cary Academy; and Jacob Thornton, South Wake Sabers. According to Coach Michael, “Many of the players who play AAU/Club basketball have aspirations of playing ball in college. Some think they will be discovered at a tournament and a college scholarship offer will follow closely behind. It does happen that way for many of the top 2% of high school athletics. I think the best way to make sure your dreams come true is to establish a plan and work on your plan. This trip was just one part of our plan.” Detra Lory, Nolan’s mom was very excited about the trip. “Coach Michael helped Nolan develop a Recruiting Action Plan. He meets with Nolan regularly to help him stay on track. This was our team’s first college visit. I was very proud to see our boys all dressed up walking around the campus.”

The visit started with a tour of the campus. Each player had their own highlight of the tour. Dulaney said “I thought the campus was beautiful! I especially enjoyed the Alvarez College Union which is where a lot of the students hang out.” For Lory the Lingle Chapel and Cunningham Theatre Center were two of the buildings that stood out. After the tour, it was time to watch the Davidson Basketball team in action.

“Coach Michael is always trying to teach us life lessons. We had to find the ‘will call’ window ourselves without help from him or parents. I thought it was cool the way we had to sign for the tickets the basketball office provided for us. As I understand, it’s required by the NCAA “ Joe Niemchak explained. The Wildcats were hosting Johnson and Wales. “The game was a lot of fun. Davidson won 105 to 63. We were especially thrilled to see Big Tone (Will Thoni #41) get in the game. He was one of the counselors at Davidson Basketball Camp that we got to know well” Niemchak added. He closed with “ I can’t wait for our next visit.”

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