Triangle Blazers Make Donation to Komen Race for the Cure

Triangle Blazers AAU Basketball Donates to Komen Race for the CureOn behalf of the Triangle Blazers Club, John Timothy Spink, Panther Creek High School Class of 2015, Joe Niemchak, Cary Academy Class of 2018, and Ryan Jennings, Apex High School Class of 2015, presented Pam Kohl, Executive Director of the Triangle Chapter of Komen for the Cure, with a check that represented donations from players, coaches, and friends.  The project was the result of an idea from Spink.  As Spinks recalls it “ I was at an NC State Basketball game with Coach Michael.  A friend of mine had recently shared that a member of his family had been impact by breast cancer.  I saw a player with pink on and I said we should do something to help fight the disease”.  According to Coach Michael Spinks simply having an idea did not get the project off the ground.  “ Our club’s mission includes playing it forward in the community,  helping to foster leadership in the your men we coach, and using basketball to help teach life skills.  I told John Timothy if he wanted to do this, he needed to put together a plan”  So, Spink put together a plan.  A few weeks before this year’s Race for the Cure in Raleigh, Spink sent an email to other players in the club.  He pledged $5 to the cure and challenged all players and coaches to do the same.  He also asked them to wear pink at a tournament the Saturday before the race to create awareness.  Players showed up at the tournament with pink socks, wrist bands and hand bands.  Blazer coaches who normally wear white shirts on the sideline had on pink.  Many Blazers fans also wore pink to the tournament.Blazers Players Wearing Pink

Joe Niemchak volunteered to collect the donations from the teams and secure the official check to present to Ms. Kohl.  “Coach Michael took me to the bank, told me to count the money again and make the deposit” Niemchak said.  “ I told him I did not know how to do that but he said I was a smart young man and could figure it out”.  Niemchak did figure it out, successfully made the deposited and presented the official to Ms. Kohl.

When asked if the Blazers would be doing this again next year. John Timothy quickly responded I SURE HOPE SO!!!!